Summer is still at the height of its season, knocking on our doors, bringing with it a summer atmosphere embracing the magic of festive nights, and to complete our charming evenings, it must have a special fragrance that imprinted its fingerprints in the pages of memory, because for the summer the fragrances that fit in his place, and here we have in our hands a group of the latest added Recently a summer perfume convoy.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Lucky Eau de Toilette

It is one of the innovations of the International House of Baku Raban, Spain, recently added in 2018 to luxury masculine perfumes, where it imitates an elegant woody fragrance that begins with the refreshment of grapefruit and ozone notes with plum, while the heart of the fragrance is enchanting with a magical mixture with honey-coated jasmine with the addition of hazelnuts enriched with cashmere wood and cedar wood, While the base of the fragrance concludes it to settle, accompanied by oakmoss mixed with vetiver flavor and patchouli.

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Invictus Aqua (2018) Paco Rabanne

Another fragrance in harmony with men with an irresistible woody aromas, the fragrance bears the imprint of expert Nicolas Beaulieu and juliette-karagueuzoglou. The fragrance was released recently in this year 2018 for the modern man full of energy and vitality mixed with exciting charm and attractive attractiveness, as the fragrance comes with an exciting combination of fresh grapefruit and violet leaf, while the heart of the fragrance crystallizes with an attractive floral bouquet accompanied by violet and rose wood enhanced with woody notes with fresh notes notes, The ambergris and amber wood dominate the base of the luxurious fragrance.

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PURE XS Paco Rabanne

A new masculine fragrance with a spicy aromatic fragrance, recently released in 2017, the fragrance has an aura of charm and elegance that adds a touch of excitement to men. The fragrance begins with its first notes with a refreshing aroma of grapefruit, bergamot with thyme and freshness of green notes and ginger, while the middle of the composition emerges with intoxicating aromatic features with apples and liqueur accompanied by leather mixed with an irresistible flavor of vanilla and cinnamon, while it is concluded by cashmere, sugar, bitter patchouli based on Wood notes and cedar. The fragrance is imprinted by Anne Flipo, Caroline Dumur and Bruno Jovanovic.

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Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black

The fragrance for celebration and evening, came for the man who loves the summer atmosphere of summer, has a special style that surrounds him with an unavoidable charm. The fragrance was released late last year 2017. It is the aromatic fougere fragrance signed by expert Carlos Benaim. The opening opens with the composition accompanied by a refreshing chain of fennel and anise that transports us towards the aromatic heart of lavender fragrant, while the base of the fragrance stands out accompanied by a musky musk with black vanilla.

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Calvin Klein Pure Gold Euphoria Men

It is an exciting male perfume from the creations of Calvin Klein American House, the fragrance is sparkled with a tangy oriental woody fragrance, launched in 2017. The fragrance starts with a refreshing spicy aroma with cardamom and saffron in addition to pine, passing through the middle of the composition with a rose combined with a soft scent of vanilla and juniper. Standing at the base of the woody fragrance, accompanied by sandalwood, with musk and oud enhanced with patchouli. The fragrance is suitable for parties and formal occasions.

Gucci Guilty U Pour Homme by Gucci Guilty Eau Pour Homme

It is a fragrance based on a sexy woody aromatic chord for men, released in 2015, and it is one of the creations of the powerful Italian house of Gucci. The fragrance embraces an attractive and refreshing bouquet, which begins with a citrusy fragrance that is complimented with bergamot and lemon. The heart of the fragrance blossoms with the blossom of orange blossom, with the iris root and the love of snow. The base of the fragrance culminates with a musky-backed musky flavor.

Choose what suits you and what gives you freshness and happiness, to make your summer your best season.