There are many types of flowers and each type of them is important, as it affects positively on the human being. It is flowers that stimulate the mind and strengthen memory, and among them it raises levels of vital energy, including what sends calm and serenity to the soul, and some flowers are used to treat the soul and body. In this article, we will talk about the narcissus, the benefits of the narcissus, and the most famous fragrances that make up this delicate flower. Narcissus is a wild plant growing on the coasts of the Mediterranean and Central Asia and moved to the Americas by the first colonists. There are many forms of more than 40 species with a strong smell and known as spice, very similar to the smell of jasmine mixed with the smell of green leaves. It is extracted by volatile solvents, we need to extract one kilo of narcissus oil to 500 kilograms of narcissus flowers, which makes the narcissus oil costly. Today, large quantities of narcissus oil are produced in the Netherlands and in the Grasse region in France. (Narcissus flower conceited) Narcissus flower is the flower whose name is associated with an ancient Greek legend about a prince called (Narcissus), who was madly admired by his handsomeness and himself, while he used to visit one of the lakes and sat looking at his face reflected on the surface of the water proud of his charming beauty, and if it Sitting looking at himself with the water of the lake located by him sliding his foot and drowning, his friends noticed after his death the growth of a beautiful flower mixed in color between white and yellow around the lake, so they called her the name of their Prince (Narcissus) because of her beauty, meaning convention in the Arabic language (narcissus) and psychology (narcissism) That is, the person admires his vanity with his beauty and goodness He and his beauties greatly. (Narcissus plant is selfish) Narcissus is a plant that grows selfishly, no other plants are allowed to grow close to it and it kills it. Narcissus scent for winter use par excellence because it lives and grows in winter to enjoy its pleasant aroma, it needs a cold atmosphere. Among the most famous perfumes that contain a great narcissus scent 1. First Van Cleef & Arpels is a perfume for women from the floral family with aldehydes. The fragrance was issued in 1976. The fragrance comes with exciting ingredients that are infused with an aromatic heart with a bouquet of jasmine and narcissus, to extend to the base. 2. Gucci rush perfume 2 Rush 2 Gucci Gucci rush perfume belongs to the woody floral musk collection of international fashion house versions Gucci designed to harmonize with women. It is one of the 2001 publications, and its releases are still standing. It was installed by expert Michel Almairac. The aromatic composition comes in a distinctive composition where the aromatic top culminates with the composition of freesia, rose and lily of the valley that transport us towards the aromatic heart with narcissus, gardenia. The aromatic base radiates with oakmoss and musk. 3. Chloe perfume, Chloe perfume, is an oriental floral fragrance for women. Published in 1992. The aromatic top culminates in the revival and radiance of orange blossom and the sweetness of apricots, the Frangipani rose and the Azeri plant, to take us on a journey towards the aromatic heart accompanied by jasmine, narcissus, rose and spices. The sparkling base always concludes with the finest notes of sandalwood, musk, vanilla and Tolo balm.