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Burberry Body Gold Limted Edp For Women 60 Ml

Burberry Body Gold Limted Edp For Women 60 Ml
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Burberry Body Gold Limted Edp For Women 60 Ml


Body Gold by BURBERRY is an exotic and sensual fragrance for women. This perfume combines the sweet aromas of fruits, flowers and wood for a tantalizing scent.A masterpiece in perfume art, Body Gold Limited Edition by BURBERRY fuses fruity notes with mild woody cedar to give you a fragrance that begins with freshness and ends with calmness. This limited edition BURBERRY perfume for women features top notes of restoring peach and vibrant freesia. The middle note is sublime with earthy and sensual attributes of iris and rose, respectively. The base note is devised to leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized. Presented in a golden bottle with a shiny stopper, this 85ml of BURBERRY Body Gold perfume will last you for a long time. Top Notes The Body Gold Limited Edition for women has a refreshing top note. Featuring a combination of fruity peach and intense freesia, this perfume envelopes you in a serene and tranquil aura. Middle Notes The middle notes of this BURBERRY perfume feature a mellow earthy smell with a starchy effect. Furthermore, the presence of rose extracts add a citric and alluring touch to the fragrance that is sure to rejuvenate your senses. Also, the rich woody accords of sandalwood create a perfect balance, keeping the subtlety of this fragrance intact. Base Notes With musk creating a bold groundwork, the Body Gold Limited Edition has a rich base note. Amber’s warm and comforting effect perfectly complement oriental calmness of vanilla
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